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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As our partner, you will be given a unique access to your dashboard wherein you can administer your online shop, manage all your products, and monitor your sales generated by toktokmall.
    1. SMS
    2. Email
    3. Dashboard Notification
    There is no limit on the number of products that can be posted on the platform.
    Our partner has full control over maintenance of product and pricing.
    toktokmall is the newest platform developed by Cloud Panda PH.
    Whenever customers order on our platform, the system automatically checks the nearest branch to the customers' location then confirms if the inventory of that branch will be able to cater the customers' order. If both the location and inventory count is secured, the order of the customers will proceed.
    Updates on the portal will be reflected real time.
    Option 1: You may book your orders through toktok, our very own delivery service, which is integrated on our platform.

    Option 2: You may opt to use other delivery services as you like. This option will require you to input all the delivery details manually on our platform.
    Yes, we have a payment platform (PayPanda) and we accept the following:
    1. Credit Cards/Debit Cards Mobile Payment
    2. Online Banking
    3. Over the Counter Banks
    4. Over the Counter non-Banks
    1. Fill out the reclaim voucher form.
    2. The order number that you will provide in the form will be cancelled. (Please be minded that you don’t have to pay your cancelled transaction.)
    3. Only 'UNPAID' transactions with correct details are accepted for this request.
    4. Check disclaimer before submitting your request.
    5. Proceed to reclaim your voucher.